NTT courses are sometimes called as Pre-Primary Teachers Training also. The requirement of professionally qualified and trained personal has been ever increasing in Educational field and in other areas all over the world.

In according to the government policy only trained teachers are appointed in the schools and private sector also appoints trained computer hands and teachers.

Nursery (Pre-Primary) and play schools are the very foundation of the education system. The time spent by young children in nursery schools is very value able for their future physical, Mental and social growth helping them to be Self – Reliant & Self – Sufficient in their life. The computer has totally revolutionized human life in the world. It helps in management of business, official work and in personal life as well

Gurukul Doon Academy has the following courses:

  • NURSERY TEACHERS TRAINING (NTT) -1 year Certificate Program
  • NURSERY TEACHERS TRAINING (NTT) -2 years Diploma Program
  • COMPUTER TEACHER TRAINING (CTT) – Certificate Program for 1 year
  • PRIMARY TEACHER TRAINING (PTT) – Diploma Program for 2 years

Rules & Regulations

Gurukul Doon Academy undertakes the training of Teachers and Qualified Personnel in the Job-Oriented Professional Courses as appended below:

  • NTT (Nursery Teacher Training) Certificates Course for 1 year duration. (Eligibility : High School Passed)
  • NTT (Nursery Teacher Training) Diploma Program Course for 2 year duration (Eligibility : High School Passed)
  • CTT (Computer Teacher Training) Certificate Program Course for 1 year (Eligibility : High School Passed)
  • PTT (Primary Teacher Training) Diploma Program Course for 2 year (Eligibility : intermediate Passed)


One sessions starts from the month of June for 1 year till next June. Another session starts from the month of December for 1 year till next December.


Bilingual i.e. English as well as Hindi Medium Instruction for NTT and PTT. ENGLISH Medium of Instruction for CTT CO-EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM : Gurukul Doon Academy has a Co-Educational System of Educational wherein Boys & Girls study together.


  • To develop skills and capability for getting better status and placement.
  • To orientate in speaking skills & communication with correct pronunciation & accent.
  • To bring out All Round Development of personality of youth & children.
  • To develop National Integration & Patriotism among youth.
  • To reach out to the aspiring youth living in remote areas & interiors of the country.
  • To enable growing youth of the country, interact with Foreigners, Superiors & Corporate owners with full confidence.
  • To make Education and Technical Training available at the doors steps of under privileged in remote areas of the country.
  • To arrange the placements of skilled, trained & educated youths at appropriate status in better situations.
  • To provide financial assistance to the widows & talented unprivileged youth & children.
  • To give study material & stationary etc. free of cost to deserving candidates.
  • To create widespread Educational facilities among the huge population of the country & large masses of India.
  • To inculcate feeling of Patriotism among growing youth.
  • To set pace in the field of School Education in the country with better scientific manner.