Fashion and its design has become a craze among the people all over the world and more particularly among youth and teens in our country as well. In-fact it has acquired a kind of essentiality for enhancing personality and appearance in each individual irrespective of age, sex or religion. The scope of fashion designing is unlimited we provide one year diploma course in Fashion Designing.


Fashion Designing (FD)
Theory Structure (M.M. 500)
1st Paper Principles of Pattern making & Fashion & Clothing Psychology 100
2nd Paper Fashion Designing Concepts & Methodology 100
3rd Paper Fashion Merchandising & Quality Assurance In apparel Products 100
4th Paper Elements of Design & Fashion 100
5th Paper Garment Construction 100
Practice Structure (M.M. 200)
6th Paper Project Work 100
7th Paper Viva-Internship 100

Eligibility : Intermediate Passed

This courses is open for girls and boys with. Bilingual medium of instruction. (Hindi/English).

Session starts from

July to June (Academic year) and January to December (Academic year). Study material will be provided free of cost.